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Options For

Residential Roofing

The services listed below are trades we coordinate and complete on a daily basis. We have dedicated and professional contractors that we’ve worked with for up to 10 years. We have brought many contractors on as full-time employees due to the amount of workflow our business has generated and our company employs 24 people in Omaha.


We specialize in insurance re-roofs of all types, but we also are available for new roof installations. We focus primarily on asphalt, stone coated steel, impact resistant shingles, slate, and synthetic products. Looking for a great way to consider your roofing options? Be sure to check out Atlas Roofing’s Shingle Visualizer.

Roof Repair

Maybe you don’t need to replace your entire roof and need just some repairs. We specialize in roof repair and it includes some of the following issues:

  • Missing Shingles or Shingle Replacement
  • Fixing, Adjusting, or Replacing Gutters
  • Fixing or Replacing Flashing
  • Patching Leaks
  • Etc.

Emergency Tarping

Severe weather can leave your home vulnerable to water damage. When your roof and/or siding has been removed by strong winds or punctured by hail, we are available to rapidly respond with emergency tarping service. As soon as the storm clears, our emergency response team is standing by to help you minimize the impact of the storm on your home until necessary repairs can be made. (picture)

Gutters and Gutter Cleaning

Water management is more important to a house than any other feature. We have laid hundreds of thousands of feet of gutters and downspouts in Omaha, Lincoln, and surrounding areas. We install galvanized and seamless aluminum, as well as copper, steel, and other custom systems.

Looking for someone to handle the unpleasant task of cleaning debris out of your gutter? Let us climb the ladder and keep your gutter system flowing, muck and clog free. We are also available to walk you through the best and easiest leaf protection options for optimal water management on your property.


We are experts at getting insurance companies to pay their fair share when it comes to paint damage. We also have contacts to recommend to homeowners to use for painting the exterior of their home.


We can repair and replace siding including vinyl, wood, hardy, and steel. Siding repair can sometimes be standalone projects or in conjunction with a roof replacement following storm damage.


Doors are more than just important considerations for curb appeal and aesthetic – they are also critical to the efficient climate control of your home. Hire Mutual Roofing for the installation of your home’s doors to ensure all your doors are sealed correctly and that your home is protected properly. We provide service for interior and exterior doors, including but not limited to sliding glass, screen, storm, french, pocket, sliding barn, and closet doors.


With more than 11 years of experience in the window installation industry, we are committed to providing you with the best quality materials, and we warranty all of our work! We work directly with Pella and Gerkin here in Omaha and several other window contractors. Window pricing is one item insurance companies don’t have a set standard of pricing out. Let us work with your insurance company to get you quality windows installed.


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